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This calculates delta (difference of timestamps from various entry/exit points from events recorded) from the trace output, which is produced by using the perf script command, which in turn, uses the file produced by using the perf record command, a set of utilities,which is provided under the package perf-tools


Step 1: Install from pip: $ pip2 install perf-script-postprocessor

Step 2: Copy this conf file into /etc/

Step 3: Customize the conf file accordingly.

Optional: Step 4: Refer to docs/ or this page for detailed usage.

For more, refer to INSTALL guide.


$ ./tests/


$ perf_script_processor -p <dir path> -t <test type>

Example: $ perf_script_processor -p . -t 0

-p (defaults to /tmp/pp_results) is where one of the following exists:

-t (defaults to 0) is either 0 or 1. It's the type of test that generated

NOTE: The stats at the end of run, will be stored in delta_output.log in folder where you've generate the output.

FAQs and Script exection process

Refer to docs/ or this page.